If like me you love visiting local markets to get that unique insight into local culture and flavours then don’t miss out on the Urubamba Market. Located just two blocks from Urubamba’s main square this indoor market is most definitely off the tourist trail. Don’t expect alpaca sweaters and Andean instruments here. You can however expect to find an authentic market filled with locals buying their daily supplies.

Colourful fruit and vegetables line up alongside large sacks of flour and gran which teeter beside rows of slaughtered guinea pig, chicken and beef ready for cooking. Household goods also make an appearance in the forms of lengths of rope, plastic buckets, sweeping brushes and various paraphernalia.

It’s a more authentic market experience than other more tourist-driven markets in the Sacred Valley like the Pisac or San Pedro markets and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re passing through Urubamba.

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