A 10,000 year cultural journey through Peru in an afternoon!

The Museo Inkariy, located on the main road half-way between Pisac and Urubamba is without a doubt currently one of the best cultural activities in the Sacred Valley.

Museo Inkariy is a giant of a project that has taken thirteen years from first planning its creation to finally opening its doors in 2015. It’s unique in that it is a) the first private-run Peruvian museum in the Cusco region and b) is more like a cinematic experience than a traditional museum visit. The museum is divided into eight different pavilions each showcasing one of the most important pre-Hispanic Peruvian cultures including Caral, Chavín, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Wari, Lambayeque and Chimu and Inca.

Each culture is showcased in two parts. First, elements of each culture including dress, customs, beliefs and art are explained in an ‘ante-room’. You then move to the second part of each pavilion, where an iconic scene is recreated from each culture. The Paracas room recreates a typical burial scene, while the Wari cultural recreation showcases warrior making their weapons.  Statues and sculptures are very realistic with extreme attention to detail including wrinkles, tattoos and perfectly styled hair!  Even the body types of each character were meticulously researched to represent for example the body type and facial structure of a Wari warrior or an Incan ruler.

The museum was entirely conceived and designed and is now run by the Merida family of artists. Their vision is impressive. Each family member is an artist in their own right, trained in videography, film, sculpture architecture and publicity. The family’s CV is an extraordinary treasure trove of cultural contribution to Peru’s artistic and cultural heritage. Each member of the family has made this project a reality with Edgar Merida and Nelly Pilares and their four children Edilberto, William, Miguel and Paloma involved every step of the way from creating sculptures, painting the scenes, guiding visitors around the museum and the other thousands of tasks necessary to get a project like this off the ground!

Their vision is to show the world the most important pre-Hispanic Peruvian cultures in an entertaining, modern manner.  A visit to Museo Inkariy takes the form of a visual, sensorial journey. No lengthy historical explanations or boring guided tours to be found here. The whole visit of the museum takes between one – 1.5 hours and is unlike any other museum we have visited in Peru. You leave with a deeper knowledge of the huge depth of culture and history in Peru that goes well beyond the fascinating Inca culture most people come to the Sacred Valley to visit.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • This is an ideal place to take the kids for an afternoon. Exhibits are full of music, lighting and effects that will leave the kids open-mouthed!
  • The Museum is also offering a rustic country-style lunch which includes a three course lunch and museum entry for S/.50 (Approx. US$14). There is also a café on-site serving drinks and light snacks.
  • You can opt to have a guided tour or to visit the museum yourself. If you are a history buff and like to take your time reading all the exhibits, visiting by yourself might be the better option.

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