We believe that travel in Peru is all about experiences and discovering local cultures and landscapes well off the beaten trail. We also know how hard this can be when you are planning and booking your trip from the other side of the world and have never been to Peru before. So, we decided to round up some of our favourite and unique day experiences in the Sacred Valley of Peru in collaboration with our travel partner Venturia.

Andean Brews Exploration

This experience combines gently pedaling on e-bikes while you discover the epic brewing history of Peru. A must for all beer lovers this is a great way to spend a morning if you want to slow down and see some of the local countryside on two wheels. You will stop to have an Andean chicha brewing experience where you will learn about this traditional drink made from fermented corn and you will also visit one of Peru’s finest craft beer breweries.

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 4 hours (Departs at 10.30am)

Price: US$115 per person

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Native Potatoes Exploration

This experience takes a step back in time to explore the fascinating agricultural heritage of the Andes. Learn how the picturesque Andean terraces allowed farmers to cultivate at such high altitude. You will also gently explore the local countryside by e-bike passing by fields of corn and quinoa and you will have a taste of the many potato varieties in this area.

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 4 hours (Departs 9am)

Price: US$115

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Farm to table Experience

Food is one of the joys of travel and Peru proudly stands on the world stage as a culinary super power. For the foodies among you this experience is an exceptional way to experience Peruvian culinary heritage. You will see and learn about key ingredients in Peruvian food and how they are grown, harvested, prepared and cooked under the expert guidance of a local Chef. You will then get to enjoy a gourmet meal based on local Andean ingredients grown on their organic farm with stunning mountain views.

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 2 -3 hours

Price: US$85 per person

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