Tater Vera Ceramics in Cusco is one of our favourite places to shop for high-end glazed ceramics created by this internationally acclaimed Cusco artist. Tater has recently opened a second store, so you can now browse the beautiful Tater Vera ceramic collection in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.

His specialty is the glazed ceramic technique that became famous with the arrival of the Spanish colonists in the 15th century. He began researching this ancient technique in the early 90’s and has made it his lifes’ work to rescue this art from extinction.

Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Cusco his work has evolved using the glazed ceramic technique but with a more modern touch – bright colours and new symbols. His most recent work includes the ‘shipibo’ collection which melds Shipibo cultural elements from the Amazon jungle with his trademark pieces.

Famous for his Cusco bulls and hen series, pieces range from smaller figurines and decorative plates and bowls to larger pieces including urns and complete nativity scenes.

The new store in Urubamba displays similar pieces to what’s on display in the Cusco store so is a good place to visit if you have limited time in Cusco and want to pick up a unique, hand-crafted souvenir to take home.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • They offer worldwide shipping on their pieces so you don’t have to carry heavy items with you.


  • If you have more time and are a ceramic aficionado book a visit to Tater’s workshop in the San Sebastian district of Cusco.  Book a visit by calling (+51) 84 506 228 to make an appointment.

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