Best Restaurants in Puno

Best Restaurants in Puno

Puno is not famed for its cuisine despite producing an incredible variety of ingredients including the famous Ayaviri lamb and the tasty paria cheese. Most of the restaurants in Puno offer the same standard menu of pizza and lomo saltado targeting tourists. This is a real shame as Puno has some tasty offerings to dish up. Avoid the main drag and opt for trying fresh, local ingredients Puno-style!

We are delighted to share three of our favourite Puno restaurants. Serving semi-gourmet French Andean cuisine, rustic Puno fare and Andean-inspired tapas, these eateries impressed us on our recent visit. Make sure you visit each of these restaurants when you’re in town for a culinary Puno-style feast!

Here’s our list of our favourite restaurants in Puno.

Casa del Corregidor Cafe Puno

The Casa del Corregidor is one of the oldest remaining examples of colonial architecture in Puno....
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Mojsa Restaurant Puno

The Mojsa restaurant Puno is one of the better known eateries in town with a great location right...
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