The group waiting below cheered and waved as I flew past at 50km/hour harnessed to a metal wire hanging 500 metres above the ground high up in the Andes before landing with a thump on the arrival platform. I had just completed the final zipline of the day and the adrenaline was pumping.

Guides Americo, Marco and Cesar collected us from our hotel and took us to the launch point somewhere next to the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley. We all put on harnesses and helmets and after a brief safety demonstration we head off not entirely sure what the next few hours will involve. The nerves can be felt and the group is silent as we begin. 5 hours later e-mail addresses have been exchanged and we are all chatting and full of cheer after having climbed 300 metres up a vertical rock face before zip lining down a series of hair-raising cables attached only by a harness which you then slide across at high speed over distances between 100 and 500 metres long.

Our guides were extremely professional (and fun!) and follow strict safety procedures ensuring you are safe and enjoying your experience throughout the day. Via Ferrata and zipline is a great activity if you have a few days in the Sacred Valley, love adrenaline sports and appreciate a great view of the surrounding mountains. We particularly enjoyed the ‘Sheraton’ resting station which had an incredible view of the valley (cocktails not included!) and the ‘Hanging Bridge’, a metal cable which you gingerly step across while holding on to a second cable while suspended 200 metres above the ground.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • For hard-core adrenaline lovers and thrill-seekers opt for the zipline plus climbing option. This lasts for between 5-6 hours and includes a 300 metre vertical climb up a sheer rock face with the help of harnesses and metal steps followed by four zip lines and a rappel down a rock face before returning to solid ground.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the zipline option which includes a 40 – 50 minute hike up to the starting point and a descent down 6 ziplines.
  • This activity is NOT for the faint of heart and while it does say no experience required we highly recommend you have NO fear of heights and are in reasonably good physical shape particularly for the Via Ferrata option.
  • For the truly adventurous book a night at their ‘Skylodge‘ a transparent accommodation cube suspended 300 metres off the cliff face!

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