Pablo Seminario is an oasis of tranquility named after the man of the same name, a softly spoken, grey haired ceramicist who set up a small ceramic workshop 32 years ago in Urubamba with his wife Marilu Behar. An architect by trade, Pablo had always been Interested in the different Peruvian cultures so he started learning about their different pottery techniques focusing particularly on the pre-colombian style in an attempt to preserve this ancient art and give it life in today´s modern world.

Today, he has built up a beautiful ceramic business, which he says is more art than business using ancient motifs and techniques on modern decorative and utilitarian objects which are sold across the world. Buzz the doorbell to gain access to this unexpected piece of paradise where you are greeted by one of his smiling staff members who will give you a tour and show you how the ceramics are created. You can watch a video about the creative process behind Pablo´s work and of course you can browse the shop filled with exquisite ceramic dinnerware as well as more decorative ceramic sculptures and murals some even encrusted with silver. Parrots and a monkey live in the patio where a colourful ceramic pond and fountain soothe the senses after a bout of shopping.

These days Pablo focuses on creating his unique pieces of art and sculpture which are currently on display in the Chicago Field Museum and have been displayed in the past at the Smithsonian Institute and at the United Nations headquarters in New York as part of a Peruvian Art exhibition.

If you can´t make it to Urubamba, don´t worry because Pablo Seminario also have a small shop with a good selection of their products in Cusco at 244 Portal de Carnes on the Plaza de Armas or main square.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • This is the perfect place to buy some high quality, truly local souvenirs (all the objects are made with local Sacred Valley red clay) to take back home. The smaller items like hand painted oil burners and decorative wall tiles with typical pre-colombian motifs are ideal, portable gifts. However, should you fall for one of the bigger pieces in the shop they can also organize to have it packaged and shipped home for you. Easy!

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