The streets become noisy and crowded as you approach the San Pedro Market Cusco, a place where (almost!) everything can be bought. A swirl of colour, unknown smells, and the characteristic buzz of the place hit you as soon as you step inside. Wandering through the busy aisles, my eyes fall upon the Alpaca ponchos while my legs want to take me to the fresh juice stalls. In the same moment an old women in traditional dress tries to catch my attention with an “Amigo, what do you want to buy?” and points to piles of rice, quinoa, maca and medicinal herbs.

My first quest, in a mood to discover the typical dishes of the valley is for a simple meal of trout ceviche, fried pork and chicken soup. This is where you will find all the locals at lunchtime but be aware that service is basic, prices are low and we can’t guarantee you won’t leave with a nasty stomach upset!  It is still worth a visit though, even just to wander through the food aisles. Bon appetit!

The best advice we can give for a visit to San Pedro Market is to take your time, wander slowly and marvel at the heart of Cusco where goods from the Peruvian coast, jungle and Andes are exchanged every day. The market allows a glimpse into the Cusco or ‘Cusqueña’ culture and is definitely not to be missed.

Meat, fruit and vegetables, chocolate, grains, cheese, bread, spices, nuts and dried fruits and several varieties of Peruvian potato all jostle for position with the more touristy stalls selling the typical Peruvian handcrafts, alpaca ponchos, jumpers, gloves and hats as well as mystical items such as the scented wood stick ‘palo santo’ or the medicinal San Pedro cactus.

 Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • The Saturday market is the largest of the week and it extends to the adjacent streets.
  • Be careful of your valuables in and around the San Pedro Market. There are security guards patrolling the market but the area in and around the market is a little less secure so watch your wallets, cameras etc.

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