When you enter the Esma hand-made Peruvian jewellery store you get the feeling that acquiring one of their pieces is something special. It’s more than just a purchase and is in fact an act intended to turn a small object into something unique and personal.

Rocio, the creator of Esma and her daughter Daniela know this well. It shows in each of their different and unique creations which are all original pieces that make the buyer aware that they are acquiring a piece of pure creativity.

Rocio and Daniela have successfully created a distinctive, avant-garde brand of jewellery from their store in Calle Triunfo in the heart of historic Cusco over the past 15 years. Jewellery lovers will find a store filled with attractive and appealing display cases filled with small treasures like a glittering mosaic that is hard to resist.

The different creative lines make choosing just one piece very difficult! Their creative lines of copper, alpaca silver and bronze pieces accompanied with other materials like leather, seeds from the jungle, enamelled copper, textiles and quartz crystals and their silver line with semi-precious stones like topaz, amethyst, and Australian opals are in keeping with latest trends and customer tastes.

Their store is one of our favourite places to shop in Cusco and is a great place to pick up a beautiful piece of jewellery to take home as a souvenir of your trip!

Esma has also just launched their Etsy store so you can now have their one of a kind pieces shipped internationally. Check out their new shop here.

You can follow Esma on Instagram too @esma.jewelry

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