Forget your normal scientific planetarium and strip away everything you’ve been taught at school because Cusco’s only planetarium will pack an ancient twist as you tumble deep inside the astronomical minds of the ancient Incas.

Passionately run by Ana, Roberto and their resident astronomy expert who also happens to be their uncle Professor Garces, who has been working  internationally in this field for over 30 years.  The planetarium has been built with great respect towards the ancient Peruvians beliefs and their fascinating connections surrounding our wondrous stars and the local culture, so much so that the dome itself  is camouflaged in what appears to be a traditional local structure. This is an interesting night activity for those space nuts amongst you, or simply a romantic star-filled evening full of Andean lore for other curious star gazers.

Visiting the Cusco Planetarium is a humbling experience, you are invited into the home of Ana and Roberto for an evening of astronomical wonders. Towards the end of the night, everyone is offered hot coca tea and led outside to see the real light show in our skies.

The planetarium is located just ten minutes from the centre of Cusco in a private reserve in the Sacsayhuaman park and they offer a bus service to collect and drop you off to and  from the main square in Cusco.

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