The perfect antidote to the inevitable overload of traditional, colourful Andean souvenirs and textiles unavoidable on any trip to  Peru.

The Dedalo story begins when newlyweds Enrique and Maria Elena set off to study art and literature in Florence Italy. When their first son was born they decided to return to Peru and attempt to make a living from art opening up a small shop selling friends’ jewellery and paintings in the garage of their home.

Dedalo has since become a Barranco institution visited by Hollywood stars and passing dignitaries looking for a piece of modern Peru to take home. The concept is contemporary, urban design. Unique pieces and collections by a range of Peruvian designers are showcased in a beautifully restored colonial house on a quiet street next to the Barranco clifftop.

The space itself is divided into a series of nooks each displaying a different theme. Well known Peruvian designers such as Vacide Erda Zimic and Puro Corazon Handbags have small atelier space where you will find a collection of their pieces. The larger rooms like ‘vidro’ display a mix of decorative and utilitarian pieces including frames, candle holders and decorative pieces made from glass, wood and metal. The kids section is well stocked with a colourful range of clothes, mobiles, toys and books while the jewellery room has a wide selection of collections from Peruvian jewellery designers including Hiro Yoshimoto.

This is a family business with three of the couples’ five children heavily involved. Daughter Paloma is curator for the onsite exhibition space which houses exhibits by Peruvian artists which change every three weeks, their son Sebastian manages their smaller space in Larcomar and Mariana looks after the graphic design aspect of the business.

Dedalo is one of our favourite places to spend a bit of time when we are in Lima. We love browsing their interesting collection of art, clothing, jewellery and decorative objects which is often a great way to discover talented young Peruvian designers.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • They also have a small café in the patio area which is a lovely place to stop for a rest and good cup of coffee while you shop. If you’re going to be in Lima on a Wednesday night, book a table for the famed Dedalo pizza and live music evenings.
  • If you don’t have time to make a trip to Barranco visit their store in Larcomar shopping centre which is open from 10am to 8pm seven days a week, for a browse through their smaller selection of contemporary, urban handicrafts.

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