Stunning lifestyle concept store showcasing contemporary Peruvian designers.

We fell in love with Puna when they had their store in Cusco and we definitely recommend a stop in Puna’s Barranco store for any design aficionados among you! Lima has some wonderful little gems particularly in the contemporary art and design scene at the moment and the Puna store fits right into this category.

This is a lifestyle concept store that house both Puna and the plant concept store Plantique. Walk through the doors and you are transported to what could be a New york loft except for the fact that you are in a beautifully restored colonial house. High ceilings, white walls and a concrete floor are the perfect backdrop for this design store. The concrete Lima jungle just outside the door is replaced by  a beautiful, light space filled with plants and pots of all shapes and sizes.

The new Puna store has a range of items including Owner Mariana’s range of furniture (think retro Scandinavian style all custom-made) as well as Co-owner Yerko’s art work. They try to source local Peruvian artists in line with their vision to support contemporary Peruvian art and design and have an interesting selection of prints and paintings by artists including graffiti artist Eliot Tupac, Miguel Orcal and Nuria Zapata.

They have an interesting collection of vinyl including limited edition collections of the popular ‘chicha’ music, a type of cumbia or afro-Peruvian tropical music as well as a nice selection of coffee table design books. They stock their own range of clothing which includes sweaters and t-shirts and a selection of bags and accessories including mugs, notebooks and decorative objects.

Puna serves as a deposit or clearing house for local art and design and is a great option if you want to get a feel for what’s happening in Lima’s design world. Visiting the shop for the plant and design experience is also worth it in itself!

We love what Puna are trying to do by supporting local artists and giving them a place to display their work so head on down and pick up some contemporary art by a local artist or some of the Puna range of clothing to take home as a souvenir of your trip.

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  • This is a closed-door store, so ring the bell to be let in.

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