We’ve been out testing our favourite travel accessories on our recent trips to Cusco and Peru. The brief: find great travel gear that will make travel to the city of Cusco easy and hasle-free so that you can spend all your time living the experience and not worrying about your gear.

We’ve got your next trip covered with all our favourite travel gear to make your Cusco trip a breeze from top-tech devices to great backpacks and gadgets!

1. Apple I-phone 6

Iphone 6 | Top 10 Travel Acessories for CuscoWe were looking for a gadget that would allow us to communicate online and by phone as well as take incredible pictures. We were looking for an alternative to lugging a big camera around everywhere with us while travelling around Peru looking for all the best stuff to share with you all!

We found all this and more in the slick new I-phone 6. A battery life of up to 50 hours for audio and 11 hours for wi-fi and HD video plus the clean, high-quality images we could take with the camera and the 1080p HD video means the I-phone 6 is our current choice for work and play in Peru. Prices from US$649 unlocked.


2. Knomo Bude Backpack for Him

Knomo Bude Backpack | Top 10 Travel accesories for your trip to CuscoWe fell in love the moment the Bude backpack reached our hands! This lightweight, slim-fit canvas backpack is divided into two compartments. The back one is padded and lined with micro-fibre to keep your laptop or tablet completely protected and the front section comes complete with an organisational panel to store your smartphone, chargers and pens.

This backpack was ideal when wandering around Cusco as it fit our laptop, DSLR camera, water bottle and notebook with space to spare and was suitably stylish for our stay at the luxury Palacio Nazarenas hotel yet didn’t look too flashy when wandering around the streets of Cusco.

We loved the Bude so much we have already bought several for friends and with the stylish, durable design the Bude is our top choice for  a weekend in Cusco! Prices from US$169


Grid- It Accesory organizer - Top 10 Travel Accesories for your trip to Cusco.

 3. Grid-It Acessory Organizer

We were tired of carrying around tons of cables, adapters and accessories so fell in love when we came across the Grid-It accesory organiser. It’s ideal for organising all your bits in one handy bundle when you are travelling around the sacred Valley and it looks slick too. Prices start from US$19.99.





4. Eat Smart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale

Eat Smart Precision Luggage Scale | Top 10 Travel Acessories for CuscoOnce we tried this light-weight, compact luggage scales we wondered how we ever managed without it! Frequent travel between Europe and Peru and low baggage allowances make this little gadget very handy when we are moving around for last-minute weighing of our gear so we don’t get stung on extra baggage fees.

We love that you can hold it with two hands and that it can weigh up to 50 kilos (110 pounds.) It automatically switches itself off after 20 seconds if you forget to press the off button, and it beeps once it has weighed your bag so you aren’t left trying to hold up a heavy suitcase and guess if it has finished weighing your case or not.

A must-have travel accessory that weighs just 6.6oz and fits snugly in your suitcase! Price from US$14.95


5. The Smith Backpack For Her

smith oliveThis is one for the ladies… The Smith is a fashion heritage style backpack made from cotton canvas and we found it was ideal for sight seeing when we didn’t need to bring heavier laptops and tablets out with us.

It fits a camera, smartphone and notebook easily and is fully lined with a snazzy antique brazz clip. The Smith looks great and is ideal for a classy trip to Cusco and we loved that for every Smith bag bought, State will donate a bag to an American child in need. Look stylish and feel good too!

The Smith from US$110




6. SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB

This handy travel adapter enables you to connect your two pole devices in 150 different countries around the world including Peru. We particularly liked the handy USB charger that allows you to charge your smartphone and camera or any two devices at the same time which came in handy in hotel rooms with just one or two plugs which is often the case in Peru.

Peru uses two types of electrical outlets, one accepts two-pronged plugs with flat blades and the other takes plugs with two round plugs. Many outlets are designed to accept both types but beware that some outlets only accept the two-pronged plugs with flat blades, so the Skross MUV adapter is ideal as it works in both outlet types in Peru.  Price from €39.95.


7. Selfie Stick

Looq DG Selfie Stick | Top 10 Travel Acessories for Your Trip to CuscoLove it or hate it selfie sticks are here to stay! While we’re not huge fans of this accessory, we had to admit that selfie sticks are in fact quite practical giving you a wider angle when you take photos. This means that more of the background appears when you take that photo of yourself in front of the Cusco Cathedral or Machu Picchu so it’s not just a shot of your pretty face!

Aesthetically they do look bulky and a bit silly when extended however our favourite was the Looq DG selfie stick which is only 8 inches long when folded, extends to 41 inches and fits most smartphones. Prices start from US$19.99


8. Bose Quiet Comfort 20i Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose Q20i Earphones | Top 10 Travel AcessoriesCusco and Peru in general can be a noisy place with traffic, horns beeping, dogs barking and music playing. We never leave home without a great pair of noise cancelling headphones that we use to listen to great music or block out noise when travelling on the plane or when just trying to relax in a hotel with a nosiy air-con system or music blaring next door.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 20i headphones can reduce ambient noise by a remarkable 45 decibels and have both an aware mode if you want to let some of the ambient noise in and a full-noise reduction mode. We also liked the remote control on the chord which allowed us to adjust the volume of our music without having to take out our mp3 player or smartphone. Above all we loved that  the Q20i are not bulky, big headphones but are slim-fitting, easy to store and sit comfortably in your ear. Prices from US$299


9. USB Battery Pack

Anker Astro E4 Battery pack | Top 10 Travel Acessories Photo and video ops abound in Cusco and there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a stunning, colourful location with a flat battery. (Trust us we’ve been there!) While battery life is getting better on most smartphones and cameras you still can’t be guaranteed to have battery after a day of snapping pics and taking videos.

We highly reocmmend a USB battery pack for your trip to Cusco particularly if you are heading out to do a multi-day trek like the Inca Trail or Choquequirao where you won’t be able to charge any appliances en-route. We liked the Anker Estro E4 which has enough juice to fully charge a smartphone a few times when you are out and about. It’s also compact, weighs just 10oz and has 2 USB ports so you can charge two devices (albeit more slowly and with less power than if you just charge one device) at the same time. Prices start from US$30


10. Travel Notebook

Field Notes Notebook | Top 10 Travel AcessoriesWe never travel to Cusco without a notebook packed in our bags! We love technology but tapping notes into our Iphone just isn’t the same as jotting down on paper our impressions, colours, scents and thoughts as we explore.

We look for lightweight, durable and almost indestructible notebooks that can take a hammering from rain and general wear and tear. Top of our list are Field Notes Expedition range of notebooks which use paper that is both water and tear proof. Notebooks start from US$9.95.

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