Pisac’s night time offerings are few and far between and Sapos Pizza Lounge is without a doubt the liveliest place in Pisac after 8pm. Sapos Pizza has a bar offering cocktails, beer and wine and they play decent up-beat Peruvian and salsa music, so this is where you will find the action of an evening in the village of Pisac.

Sapos was originally set up by local Jaime and his then Canadian partner Lori. After losing everything in the floods in 2010, they moved back to Canada and started saving to set up their new business in Pisac.  Lori is a chef by trade so taught Jaime about food and flavours which he combined with his own experience growing up with his mother who is a baker.

Sapos means ‘toad’ in English. Toads are traditionally known as the spirits of the rain and were placed on the mountains to call the rain with their songs. Jaime is very interested in his ancestral culture and always remembered the song of the toads from when he was a child so this was an obvious choice for the name when Sapos opened in 2012. It’s a theme throughout the restaurant with toads painted on the walls and toad ornaments displayed around the place.

The menu is simple and Sapos doesn’t try to be something they’re not. Their focus is pizza and salad. Pizzas are cooked in their toad-shaped wood-fired oven and are one of the better pizzas we have had in the valley with a thin base and good quality toppings.

The green salad is excellent with all organic greens that come from a local organic farm. The salad is a combination of chopped vegetables and lettuce with tasty vinaigrette served in an artistic presentation which we loved!

Sapos is a lively, cheerful option for good, simple Peruvian style pizza at a good price.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • If you prefer a lighter pizza ask for less cheese as they do use lots of cheese.
  • Try the freshly made mint lemonade for a refreshing drink with your pizza.


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