This review is for all “early bird” travelers and gourmands, who consider breakfast a special time of day to enjoy the peace before the business of the day begins with a good coffee in hand!

Finding the right accompaniment to your coffee is an art. In Cusco, the hostel will offer some bread and jam, while the deluxe hotels will stun you with the selection on offer in their elaborate buffets. Neither of these can compete with the pleasure of biting into a Qosqo Maki freshly baked croissant, pain aux raisins or pain au chocolat – by far the best and closest thing we have found to a genuine French bakery in Cusco.

The Qosqo Maki Cafe Cusco is part of the Qosqo Maki NGO set up and driven by the passionate French Woman Isabel, that aims to help the children and adolescents of Cusco get off the streets by providing them with an income and a skill. Genuine French bakers visit regularly to train the Cusco youth to make these delicious bread and pastries so close your eyes for a moment and savour the first bite… a taste of France high in the Andes!

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • Try the croissants and pain au chocolat (known as pan con chocolate in Spanish).
  • This is also a great place to stock up on picnic supplies or box lunches as they also sell good baguettes and pizza.
  • Qosqo Maki have also just opened a second store in Marcavalle  A-8 on Avenida de la Cultura between the Tayta Fe Restaurant and the Giros polleria. Opening hours 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays.

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