The Hotel Samanapaq in Ollantaytambo is hidden away behind a large unassuming iron gate at the entrance to Ollantaytambo town. Once you step inside the gate, you will be pleasantly surprised by the 3,500m2 of beautiful gardens that welcome you into this peaceful natural paradise and include a rose garden, various species of fruit trees and a cacti and orchid greenhouse.

The Hotel Samanapaq is run by the friendly Manela, her daughter Paola and her nephew Juan Pablo.  The 20 rooms are simple, comfortable and spotlessly clean with great modern bathrooms. We were delighted to discover their fabulous Spanish-style showers in every room – definitely the best showers in Ollantaytambo!.

Manela and Juan Pablo are both charming hosts who love sharing their home with visitors from around the world. They aim to share ‘their’ Ollantaytambo with visitors as much as possible and as such encourage guests to use the communal lounge and dining area.

Manela is passionate about Ollantaytambo and regrets that this quaint town is often only considered as the departure point for Machu Picchu and that most visitors miss the huge cultural and historical richness of this region. Manela is a true expert on all things ‘Ollanta’ and loves nothing more than sharing with guests off the beaten track experiences and attractions such as archaeological sites and ancestral Incan trails. A real advantage to any stay here…

A home-made buffet breakfast is included in room rates and they will put on the log fire in the sitting room in the evenings if you ask.

Hotel Samanapaq is one of our favourite places to stay in Ollantaytambo in this price range and is a nice refuge from the busyness of Ollantyatambo.

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 Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • Don’t miss the little watchtower on the roof where star-gazing is a real treat!
  • Some of the rooms in Hotel Samanapaq have recently been refurbished with ethanol heaters and have a more modern feel. Ask for one of the refurbished rooms when you book.
  • Rooms 6, 27 and 28 have not yet been refurbished but are perfectly comfortable and have lovely garden views.

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