getting off the beaten track in the AndesToday, we wanted to share a little bit about our vision as Best of Peru Travel. We set up the site two years ago, because we fell in love with this region of the world and found so many great places to stay, eat and visit that we wanted the word to spread! We saw that travellers are often here for only 5 – 7 days and that it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to find the right information for your very own specific trip preferences.

We also saw that a lot of the travel experiences offered in Cusco & Machu Picchu were generic and mainstream. They didn’t give travellers the chance to get off the beaten track and really discover the local culture and the wonderful array of things to see and do beyond the main tourist track. Our goal is to offer this less known and discovered information so that you can put together your own trip and have the vacation of a lifetime!

getting off the beaten track in the AndesAs part of this goal we try to seek out tourism providers that we feel are offering something a bit different that offers greater connection to travelers and locals alike. Today we wanted to share about a little known local travel agency called Peru Cultural Journeys that is also offering something a bit different. Run by local Pisac couple Fielding and Roman, their goal is to offer authentic, personalized small tours with a focus on Andean world vision. Involved in many cultural projects themselves, their tours are created according to the needs and preferences of each group. What we love most about their tours is the fact that they take travellers off the beaten track to little known spots where genuine, authentic interaction can take place with the local native community.

getting off the beaten track in the AndesThe ancient indigenous Quechua concept of ‘Sumac Kawsay’ or ‘good living’ is a basic foundation of their tours ensuring travellers and locals alike benefit from these experiences. We particularly recommend these tours for travellers interested in learning more about the Andean and Quechua cultures.

Did you know?:

  • Did you know that the square root of 2 and the Pi number where discovered by the Andean culture well before the western world?
  • Did you know that the Incan symbol of the ‘chakana’ comes from the southern cross constellation?

You can check out these facts and the different tours offered by Peru Cultural journeys here.