The Corpus Christi celebrations in Cusco are the city’s most important religious celebration. This week fourteen Saints and Madonnas, each from one of Cusco’s Parish churches take part in this colorful procession. The statues are carried on litters or thrones by brotherhoods or ‘cofradias’ who have spent the entire year preparing for the procession and make their way from their parish church carrying their local saint to the Cathedral located on Cusco’s main square where they spend a few days before returning to their own parish church.

During the Corpus Christi celebrations the cathedral remains open to the public to come in and admire the saints. Don’t miss a visit to the San Francisco Square to try the traditional  Corpus Christi dish of ‘Chiriuchu’, ‘chiri’ meaning spicy and ‘uchu’ cold in Quechua. This dish is served cold and is a mix of  guinea pig, chicken, corn tortillas, fish eggs, seaweed and toasted corn. Delicious!

One of the colourful litters outside Cusco’s cathedral

Corpus Christi Celebration Cusco June 2015








Fun & laughter!

Corpus Christi Celebration Cusco June 2015








Throne bearers enjoying a well-earned break.

Corpus Christi Celebration Cusco June 2015




Traditional display of ‘Chiriuchu’ ready for tasting!

corpus christi June 2015








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