If I´m completely honest I come to Hearts Cafe Ollantaytambo for the wholesome English style food but there is something about knowing that my order is actually helping others that gives me a feel-good feeling every time I leave.

Sonia Newhouse is an incredible 93 year old woman who decided to leave the shores of England behind and move to Peru back in 2002. In 2007 having experienced first hand the struggle of women and children in the Sacred Valley, who were suffering from malnutrition, domestic violence, health issues and lack of facilities she decided to open up the café and set up a foundation to help.

Sonia is now no longer involved in the cafe and but new owner Jose Luis continues to support with 20% of all profits going back to the foundation. They also support several of the foundations’ projects like the community food programme which provides school lunches to over 260 kids in the surrounding communities and medical campaigns throughout the year.

Often as tourists passing through the Sacred Valley we don´t have an opportunity to really get a close look at the local culture and issues that those outside the tourism world face every day. A visit to Heart´s is a great way to learn more about the ´real´ Sacred Valley while enjoying a good feed or cup of coffee.

Heart’s Cafe is  geared towards travellers heading to or from Machu Picchu looking for a quick bite to eat. The cafe decor itself is nothing to write home about but they have a nice view of the Ollantaytambo ruins from upstairs and good wifi. Food portions are large and food is simple with quality ingredients and a western-style menu.

A nice option if you want a decent, simple meal in Ollantaytambo.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • The menu of the day is a great deal which includes quinoa soup, a chicken dish, a brownie and a lemonade all for 22 soles. They also have a vegetarian option available.
  • Some of our other favourite dishes include  the new alpaca burger made from alpaca tenderloin served with chunky fries and the Heart’s house salad – a monstrous plate of salad (safely washed!) that is big enough to share between two! 

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