Cusco is full of history so it was refreshing to find the avant-garde, hipster hang-0ut of Fallen Angel right in the heart of Cusco on the colonial Plaza Nazarenas. Dinner or drinks at the Fallen Angel Restaurant Cusco should definitely be classified as more of a sensation-filled experience than merely just dinner or drinks. Be warned however, this is not for those looking for a quiet, conservative night out…

If however, you love wild experiences which open your mind to new  horizons and sensations then you have come to the right place. The moment you step in the door of this vibrant, kitzch space your senses will be bombarded from the colourful and eclectic art displayed throughout. The textures of the chairs, walls and ceilings, smells emanating from the kitchen, carefully-mixed chill-out tunes and the taste of the dishes on the menu will leave all your senses whirling.

Imagine an Ali Baba’s cavern of visual stimulation where everywhere you look there is a quirky, interesting piece of art by one of Peru’s hottest contemporary artists. Fallen Angel supports contemporary art by inviting nine peruvian artists at a time (current artists include Carlos Bardales and Richard Peralta) to display their work on a rotating basis in the restaurant. The art on display mixed with the eclectic interior decor by quirky owner Andres (think flying pigs suspended from the ceiling, glitter balls, bathtub tables filled with live goldfish and latex heart-shaped pillows) will take you on a trip you didn’t quite quite expect in the middle of colonial Cusco.

The decor and atmosphere is definitely the highlight of a visit to Fallen Angel and while menu items like well-cooked beef tenderloins with a choice of 15 sauces, the traditional potato based causita dish and the swordfish in a Peruvian anticucho sauce are perfectly good, what really blew us away was the overall experience itself. The food definitely came in second best for us as we couldn’t keep our eyes off the  walls and ceilings throughout our meal. The food is towards the higer end of the price spectrum in Cusco but here what you are really paying for is the complete Fallen Angel/ Cusco cultural experience not just dinner.

A visit to Fallen Angel is definitely recommended as one of Cusco’s not to miss quirky, fun and unusual places but it is perhaps not the best choice if you want a high-end gourmet meal in a more formal, conservative atmosphere.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • Try to grab one of the bathtub tables complete with goldfish for your meal. An experience like no other!
  • The bar serves excellent and colourful martinis and daiquiris.

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